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Training Course - Rabat 2016

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The SAFI Training Course in Enhancing Your Aquaculture & Fisheries Potential with Decision Support Advances will be held in the Centre Royal de Télédetection Spatiale in Rabat, Morocco on September 27th and 28th, 2016.

This training event will enable key stakeholders and actors in the European and North African aquaculture and fisheries sectors with the knowledge and tools to help unlock their region's potential.

Participants will be taught by a multi-disciplinary team of Ecologists, biologists, aquaculture experts, fisheries experts, technology leaders, and Earth Observation experts, enabling them with the knowledge to critically evaluate their regions current achievements, and identify opportunities for refinement and further development.

Underpinning this event is the SAFI Decision Support tool, with Demonstrations and hands-on sessions giving participants practical experience in applying the theory to enhance their capabilities.

This training event has been guided and essentially designed fundamentally by the SAFI project's Userboard - a panel of industry and research experts who actively work in the sectors. Their contributions were the fundamental driver underpinning the design of this course, a training course for the aquaculture and Fisheries sector, by the aquaculture and fisheries sector. 

The SAFI team very much appreciate the input and feedback given, and and we look forward to showcasing the work that we have done in response to the sectors needs in Rabat.

Please note that spaces on this course are limited so it is essential to register early. Registration opens on July 1st, 2016, and will be done on a first come, first serve basis.

Rabat Training Event – What will we be doing:

The SAFI training event will comprise a series of lectures, demonstrations, and interactive workshops focused on:

  • Issues facing Atlantic and Mediterranean Aquaculture and Fisheries,
  • Opportunities for aquaculture & fisheries in light of European tech advances and the launch of the Sentinels,
  • Understanding your opportunities and challenges to be overcome when developing aquaculture and fisheries in your region,
  • A Decision Support Tool to inform you on selecting the best sites to scope for development,
  • The Science underpinning the SAFI development, including breakout sessions specifically dedicated to the Aquaculture, fisheries and Earth Observation research sectors, as well as industry and sector actors.
  • Demonstrations of site and region investigations,
  • Best practice tips and tricks for successful development.

Contact: Rory Scarrott, MaREI - UCC, Sophie Power, MaREI - UCC 

For more information, or if you have any further requirements you wish to highlight, please do not hesitate to contact Rory Scarrott or Sophie Power (UCC).

If you are a member of the Userboard and have enquiries about booking transport and accommodation, please contact Rory or Sophie (UCC) who are coordinating Userboard support, and funding support for Userboard members. 

More information on the event is available here

This course in being organised by the SAFI consortium, and is being hosted in Centre Royal de Télédetection Spatiale, Rabat, Morocco. 

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