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What is SAFI's Userboard for?

SAFI is tasked to develop an operation service that serves our Aquaculture and Fisheries industries. To achieve this, the developed products and services must be shaped and reviewed by operators, managers and experts from the aquaculture and fisheries communities. These reviewers sit on SAFI's Userboard, which met once a year over the project duration and guided the SAFI team in determining the key information products that needed, the service requirements of the Decision Support System, and the key research and backing that is needed for people to have confidence in using the SAFI service.

What does the Userboard do?

The SAFI User Board contributes to the project via the following activities:

  • Providing guidance on user and client needs regarding the focus and aims of the products and services developed under the SAFI project;
  • Providing targeted input to shape the SAFI operational products, operational services, and training materials;
  • Reviewing the progress of products and services developed over the course of the SAFI project.

Check out the actions that the SAFI team have committed to implement following our Userboard Meetings in Cork and Nice.

How does the Userboard achieve this?

SAFI is gathering this feedback, direction and guidance mainly through four half-day events known as "User Board (UB) meetings".These were held over the duration of the project in March 2014 (Cork), May 2015 (Nice),  April 2016 (Huelva) before our final showcase in Morocco in September 2016.

The SAFI project partners also welcome feedback outside of these meetings, maximising the potential for industry end-users to shape our developing products and services. Simply contact us to find out more.