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Shaped by fisheries and aquaculture, for fisheries and aquaculture

SAFI partners have worked closely with operators and decision makers in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors in order to define the earth observation products developed, the indicators of use, and how the information from the products and indicators are communicated to the end users. 

To date there has been 3 userboard meeetings involving SAFI partners and potential end-users that have shaped the direction of the project, allowed for feedback on project progress, and provided the opportunity to demonstrate the service to users. 

For full reports on the annual userboard meetings to date, please see below: 

The more input we recieve, the better the project can be tailored to the needs of the users. Contributions from operators and decision makers from the industries are key to the success of the project. If you would like to contribute and/or find out more about getting involved please contact us.

The products and services developed by SAFI are the result of continuous engagement and feedback through extensive consultation. There are several ways for potential users to get invoved in the SAFI project: