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About SAFI

SAFI (Supporting out Aquaculture and Fisheries Industries) is a €1.9 million investment by the European Union via the FP7 programme. Running from 2013 to 2016, the project is set to make the vast potential of Europe's €4.3 billion new Earth Observation System, Copernicus, of immediate benefit to Europe's aquaculture and fisheries sectors.

Building upon the extensive data collected already by ESA's fleet of Earth Observation satellites and sensors, partners in the SAFI project shall research and refine both in-situ measurements, and satellite-derived data on ocean and coastal environmental and biological parameters. Using these, we shall develop a set of indicators which can be used by people working in the aquaculture and fisheries sectors to make informed decisions on site assessments, monitoring and inspection decisions, and route planning for more effective and efficient fishing ventures. These indicators shall then be integrated into a Decision Support System with an online GIS component, allowing people to visualise and assess sites and locations from the comfort of their desktop or tablet.

7 partners in six countries have been tasked by the European Commission to deliver on the SAFI objectives. Led by ACRI-ST, the consortium features research institutes, SME's, and national agencies, working together to apply cutting-edge research to achieve the best possible decision support service for Europe's aquaculture and fisheries industries